Standpoint creates value from your data.

Big data. Small data. No data.

Everyone is talking about how data can mean a competitive advantage, but most businesses don’t know what data they have, what they need, or how to leverage it.

At Standpoint we understand business and data, and we use leading-edge analyses and best practices to help organizations become more data-driven.

What are the important questions your business needs answered?

– How should we invest this year’s marketing budget?

– Will adding new hires improve mid-term profitability?

– Why are sales going down? Or for that matter, up?

Standpoint will organize your data and expert knowledge into operational models to reduce your uncertainty and improve your profitability.

Make sense of it all.

From our combined knowledge base we have developed effective techniques for supporting corporate decision making. We bring clarity to strategic investments, business strategies, risk analyses and other high-calibre decisions.